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Washing Machine Needed

Hello Freecyclers, they say things happen in 3s and all though I could financially cope with the 1st 2, I cant with the 3rd. I need a washing machine. Anybody have one for me, before my kids start looking like Annie? LOL

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    Hello I have a washing machine. Do you have transport? It is VERY nice. Do you have transport for it? it is in ore. Here is the same one on ebay
    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HOTPOINT-ULTIMA-7-KG-1200-SPIN-WASHING-MACHINE-TIME-DELAY-VARABLE-SPIN-TEMP-/ [reveal tel] ?pt=UK_Irons_Presses&hash=item4d0e9d2e35

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    If still available then very interested. In Ore with my ex and little boy for Pirate Day, her machine has just broken down same one as you are advertising. If still available let me know on [reveal tel] , as she desperately needs a replacement for the little Fella’s clothes – transport no problem.
    Many thanks
    Alan (& Natalja)

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