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Theatre Design from Temple to Playhouse

, 2:00pm – 3:15pm
Hastings Centre, Hastings

Bertie Pearce:
Creating an Imaginary world: Theatre Design from Temple to Playhouse.

Theatrical scene design has been considered one of the world’s most beautiful, varied and lively art form. This talk will include the relationship between the audience and the actor and how this transformed the space and the architecture of theatre throughout the ages.
The talk will start with the Greeks and continue through different ages before entering The Globe, The Fortune and The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane.

I feel sure many members will have enjoyed the charismatic Bertie Pearce’s talks over the years and be looking forward to hearing this one. Bertie is an accredited Art Society lecturer and apart from the Arts Society has given talks on cruise ships, at historical societies and U3A events. Bertie has a BA (Hons) in Drama from Manchester University and a Diploma Internationale from the École Internationale du Théatre, Jacques Lecoq. He is also a member of the Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star.

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