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Dr. Jules presents Elton Jules

For years Dr. Jules has been badgered by many of his nearest and dearest and musical colleagues to break out and form an Elton John tribute act. Although an accomplished songwriter, pianist, and vocalist in his own right, when banging out his renditions of Your Song and Rocket Man, he reminded many of the Elton John of earlier years, the time he first graced the music world with a simple trio of musicians, touring the clubs of LA, New York, and London in the early 70s.
When Jules started his musical career in Germany back in the 90s he was once billed as “a second Elton John”, sandwiched between two famous crooners of the German music scene, but he never really took the bait then, nor on many occasions since.

But now that’s all changed, since the good Dr. Jules is now presenting … Elton Jules. The songs of Elton John from his very beginnings, featuring music from the albums Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection, Madman Across the Water, Honky Chateau, Dont Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Caribou, Captain Fantastic and Blue Moves albums, as well as selected tunes from his later years. Most of the songs are well known, but he also plays many of the gems that never made it to the 7 inch format and always made him a high rider on the album charts.

He will be accompanied by backing tracks, many stripped down to just bass and drums, as was the atmosphere when Elton first played the clubs. Over time, however, the plan is to get a full band going to perform the ditties of that old favoured maestro.

Elton John may have finally rested his legs up on his piano stool … but Elton Jules hasn’t, and is only just getting started …

Entrance on this one occasion is free, but book yourself a ticket to guarantee standing room in the small club of TinTins.


Dr. Jules presents Elton Jules

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