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The KOHO Festival

The pilot KOHO festival will take place over 2 yes 2 days thanks to our wonderful hosts EHSSA angling club bang on the seafront in Hastings. Saturday 17th August daytime 11am – 7pm. 8 bands rotating non stop between the Peace stage and the Acoustic Harmony stage. All you need to do is turn you head for constant musical satisfaction.

And then Sunday 18th August 12pm – 9pm. 9 more great local bands and acoustic marvels on rotation. So you still get to support your local pubs live music scene in the evening.

Free all day music and a night on the town now that’s entertainment This is inaugural festival with the view to becoming a yearly thing. Yes we know it’s airborne weekend but not every one likes planes, kudos if you love them but this is an alternative.

Great food and beer available at great prices and a bbq outside. More to the point all the bands all the roadies are giving their time free. This is free entry subject to rolling capacity. Now here’s the catch its the Bob Geldof moment, we ask nothing from you unless you feel you would like to donate any small amount in one of the designated buckets on stage and at the bar areas. No pressure at all, if you want to chuck a shekel or two in great because it all goes straight to our charities. We need you to turn up and watch real local acts playing real instruments for the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves. It’s a bust without you. Please help us help our community.


The KOHO Festival

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