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Paul Merryck: Ambulance For One

Paul Merryck re-emerges from the Essex Swamplands with a new show that will cleverly deconstruct the dialectic of modern stand-up comedy, by a telling a lot of stupid jokes and daft short stories, tenuously held together by the narrative thread of a crap middle-aged bloke who spends his life in the pub.

Is it character comedy? Yes, it is, as ‘Paul Merryck’ is the complex comedic construct of comedian Paul Merryck, who in a devotion to method acting techniques hitherto unknown within the lower echelons of the UK Comedy Circuit, has spent the last 40 years of his life being an utterly useless bastard, only in order to be true to his art and bring you ‘Paul Merryck’.

Book online to reserve seat for £5 plus small booking fee/£6.50 on the door


Paul Merryck: Ambulance For One

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