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Mrs Mantell’s Tooth

Celebrating the bicentenary of dinosaur discovery from the depths of prehistory to the scientific momentum of the Victorian age.

A true tale told with the trappings and innovations of Victorian theatre, combining the technology of the past and present. Featuring 19th century innovations, puppetry, toy theatre, and the Magic Lantern.

iDOLRiCH Theatre Rotto brings to the stage the turbulent story of Lewes fossil hunters, Gideon and Mary Anne Mantell. Their discoveries challenged and astonished an explosive world of dinosaur identification and 19th century scientific discovery. The performance follows the trail from quarry findings in the 1820s made by Mary Anne in Sussex, to the ‘monstrous’ statues later erected at Crystal Palace in 1852. Mary Anne Mantell was one of a number of women instrumental in advancing the infant science of geology by illustration and saurian verification alongside her husband – while raising a family in a house full of bones.

MRS MANTELL’S TOOTH features puppetry, toy theatre, and the illumination of the Magic Lantern screen. The show follows on from themes in the company’s two previous productions: MYSTERRASAUR and FABULOUS FOOTPRINTS which celebrate the bicentenary of dinosaur discovery.

The performance lasts 55 minutes and is suitable for ages 8 years and upwards.

iDOLRiCH Theatre Rotto Productions are an award-winning international touring puppetry and theatre company based in Hastings.


Mrs Mantell’s Tooth

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