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Friday, 5th Jan 2024

Titanic Arts Club Question

I did thank you, hope you did too and oh this is great. I’ve had a look and I’m purchasing … more

Friday, 22nd Dec 2023

Titanic Arts Club Question

Thank you so much for keeping me updated, these sound excellent and are very up my street. I will definitely … more

Monday, 4th Dec 2023

Titanic Arts Club Question

Thank you! Yes it was, and I will be in touch too in a few weeks once I’ve got my … more

Tuesday, 28th Nov 2023

Titanic Arts Club Question

Hello, I’m new to the area, have some background in art and design and I’m interested in this course as … more

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Lester Magoogan

Lester’s World of fabulous black and white art depicting his view of the world around him. By the way, Lester … more

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Boogie by the sea

I’ve got 2 vip tickets for boogie by the sea on 26th which I have to sell. Any takers?

Oval Questions – Boogie by the Sea

Struggling to find any useful FAQ’s for the event. What time do doors open for VIP’s? Are fold up chairs … more

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