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Quo, Fish & Bozard

Autumn UK Tour

Quo, Fish & Bozard are three London-based Songwriters on the road with their Collaborative Show. With support from Tom Clarkson

They tell stories about stuck Clocks, Ice-creams in Space and finally Seeing the Birds.

Within the same set, they organically transition from stripped down Solo songs to busy textures with Guitars, Shruti box, Resonator, Fiddles, and Vocal harmonies.

Pearl Fish is a songwriter, singer and musician from SE London, currently living itinerantly on the UK’s historically woven waterways. Intimate and warm, her sound shifts with a transient scape of musicians and projects, fronted by Pearl’s “sometimes spoken and sometimes soaring” vocals and lyrics fuelled by “murmurings of melancholia, hope and wit”.

Rob Quo’s Contemporary Folk songwriting is emotive & humorous in equal measure, touching on the human experience with lyrical grace and a melodic simplicity which is uniquely his own.

‘Rob has a particular gift lyrically, writing with a simple elegance’ – Fatea Magazine

Bozard’s songwriting harbours the seeds of restlessness and surrenders to some sort of constant pilgrimage to the next Winter.

“This is unique and off the wall stuff […] There is so much to hold our attention and once it has it, we can explore the highways and byways of brokenm_oon to our heart’s content. Bozard is breaking new ground here and underneath the fresh turned soil is a bumper harvest.” Mp3Hugger


Quo, Fish & Bozard

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